Commode made of PARAPAN®

PARAPAN® - High gloss down to the smallest detail


Solid, homogenously colored high-gloss elements for furniture and interior design concepts

PARAPAN® sets a new standard for high gloss in furniture and interior design applications. High-gloss PARAPAN® front elements are used for cabinet doors, drawers and wall panels. Be it classic furniture or high-class interior design in shops, banks or hotel receptions, PARAPAN® is the ideal material for unusual, individual furniture and interior design concepts. The special material properties of PARAPAN® open up new design possibilities in almost any shape. Rounded high-gloss edges, curved doors – PARAPAN® furniture can be custom-made to individual preferences and an almost infinite variety of designs.

PARAPAN® is registered trademark of Evonik Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany.