in the kitchen



Kitchen front out of PARAPAN® black

PARAPAN® is synonymous with color, gloss and a long service life. It turns every kitchen into a stylish statement.

What makes PARAPAN® so special as compared with conventional materials is its honesty. What you get is what you see – a material that is perfect down to the smallest details. With its special properties, wide range of colors and unsurpassed color stability, PARAPAN® is designed to provide architectural harmony of the highest order. Immaculately crafted to exacting standards, it offers high gloss without varnish, also along the edges. This is what makes PARAPAN® a hard-wearing and durable material that places the emphasis firmly on comfort.

Front of draw made of PARAPAN® black

PARAPAN® is a solid, homogenous material that is waterproof through and through, and offers permanent resistance to humidity. With its perfectly smooth, poreless surface, it is hygienic and easy to clean.

Reference: Poggenpohl +INTEGRATION series, Germany / PARAPAN® black 5299 / 18 mm / 2 mm edge radius