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formed furniture front made of PARAPAN®

PARAPAN® surfaces give a distinctive flair to every room. Their textures and colors complement and enhance other materials. The solid specialty acrylic elements that are colored through and through blend perfectly with their surroundings, whether warm and sumptuous, cool and metallic or brilliantly lit. They create a feeling of harmony and intriguing contrast. Combined with lively wood grain, their clean, unobtrusive lines infuse rooms with energy and imbue them with timeless, uncompromising elegance.

Front of draw made of PARAPAN® in Hotel KompetenzZentrum

The brilliant, mirror-like surfaces are the very essence of style. On their own, or in cool colors combined with the warmth of wood, such elements create furniture of enduring value.

PARAPAN® alpine white 5910 / 18 mm / X mm edge radius

Other application areas