High-gloss solid sheets of acrylic material

for furniture fronts in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, high end shop-fittings, hotels ...

Furniture front with handle

The 18mm thick solid sheets are homogeneously colored throughout the material and have edges as well as two high-gloss surfaces (front and back) of impeccable brilliance.

  • unsurpassed colorfastness

  • UV-resistant

  • resistant to aging and weathering

  • absolutely water resistant – no swelling of furniture parts when used with frequent water contact, e.g. kitchens or bathrooms

  • very smooth, non-porous surface makes PARAPAN® specifically useful for medical applications

  • no lacquer – PARAPAN® is homogeneously coloured all the way through. Smaller damages can be simply repaired by re-polishing

  • easy to saw, drill, mill, polish and thermoform

  • recyclable